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Hello everyone,,
Just coming off my 5th failed attempt at quitting. Sadany advice? My trigger is being at work. (health care-you only get a break if you step outside and light up.) I have the electronic cigarette, but I end up smoking real ones anyway. SadHALP !!!
Edit: Update Ho-leee-shiiizah, I'm overwhelmed at all the responses and so grateful for the suggestions to help you break that habit. You guys that suggested vaping, you won. Top answer on the board, you all pass go, collect $ 200. I got the Ego electronic cigarette with strawberry 24 mg nicotine juice. I committed to it this time and went 11 days without a real cigarette. Theeennn I had a bad day, subsequent drunken night, and smoked the real ones and suffered that shit feeling. I was so mad that I just kept on smoking. Then I read more of your answers and someone said the more times you quit, the more likely it will eventually stick. I thought about that and have now successfully gone one week cigarette free, just vaping. I did, admittedly, smoke some of a swisher sweet on Valentine's Day, but have not caved into buying a pack of cigarettes or even bummed / accepted offered cigarettes. I'm so thankful for your responses. You guys are awesome, thank you for your good luck vibes, I believe they are helping me succeed !!! Bless ya'll.