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Why do psilocybin containing mushrooms bring relief to cluster headache patients?
Cluster headache is a neurological syndrome characterized by extremely painful headache attacks centered around a single spot near the eye.
Cluster means the attacks cycle, lasting a few weeks to several months. The cluster cycle is followed by a period with no attacks. This is called the episodic variant, some people who get less than one month break between cycles are considered chronic.
the patient experience ~1-4 daily recurring headaches around the eye/temple, accompanied by a stuffed nose, inflamed eyes/eyelids and crying. All these symptoms are usually unilateral and each individual attack lasts ~15 minutes to hour(s).
Magic mushrooms are a treatment gaining popularity since the early 2000’s for their ability to stop a patients cycle dead in its tracks, in some cases bringing relief for months/years from the painful syndrome. The literature currently does not support magic mushrooms use in CH.
I’m wondering why or what mode of action could be responsible for the effect of shrooms on CH and hopefully get some discussions going. I’m wondering how much of it is due to the anti inflammatory effect of serotonin receptor activation, but since ibuprofen or usual anti inflammatory drugs used for headaches have zero effect on this condition I just don’t know where to start searching.
Would love some more perspective on this from the community.

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Why do psilocybin containing mushrooms bring relief to cluster headache patients? - por black77 - 25-03-2019, 03:27 PM

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