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Does anyone else hate what gym culture has turned into?
I've been serious at the gym the past 4 years or so, and semi before for about 3. The changing of gym culture on social media and AT the gym is just turning to cancer.
Every fucking girls IG page is, breakfast, lunch (which is always chicken and rice) some review of overpriced shitty gym clothes, and then a huge paragraph about how hard it is to workout. Then, if it's their ass, acting like it's the 5 pounds leg extensions that they are "teaching" people.
Every dudes is the same, but instead of the clothes review it's a picture of them flexing over a "cheat meal" which is normally overpriced artisin donuts. Then, you see them post about some show they have coming up, not mentioning the 750 mg of train they're on every week, only the chicken and rice they eat, and then they come in 7th place and post some huge fucking excuse about how they did not try hard enough, and will be back "next time"
What happened to going to the gym, lifting, hitting prs, taking Vids of the prs, and going home.
I guess Im just venting, I'm also off cycle and just wanna blast again. Fuck
EDIT: Damn this shit blew up. I appreciate all the discussion.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

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