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antagonist and so is DXM!!
I'm not a chemist and I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to science, but I know at least I want to know a few things about how drugs work, so forgive me if I'm not too accurate in my post.
I know that ketamine is an NMDA antagonist and so is DXM, since they both fall in the same category. I've read stuff about NMDA antagonists that can reverse the tolerance of many drugs such as amphetamines, opiates / opioids and even GABAergic drugs like Phenibut.
In my country, ketamine was available from a trusted veterinarian of the capital city, until she got busted and as a consequence, the government, stupidly decided to take a ketamine away from the market and only allow Ketaxyl which besides ketamine has xylazine in it, stuff That I do not want to fuck with. I know there are no other NMDA antagonists which are available online from RC or even nootropics vendors, but I want to make sure that I first use the closest resource I currently have, which is DXM. I can easily get it in syrup form Diacol or in liquid gel caps.
I've been using Phenibut therapeutically (with my doctor's advice) for 3 months with a few breaks here and there and today I just got another 125g jar. The thing is that Phenibut is still working for my anxiety, depression and other issues I use it for, but I'm afraid of increasing tolerance and not being able to feel the effects anymore in the future. So, could I benefit from DXM to solve this problem, since I can not get ketamine or any other NMDA antagonists?
If so, how do I do it exactly? How much should I take and when? Are there other NMDA antagonists with tolerance-decreasing properties that are commonly prescribed or sold OTC that can be more beneficial? And what else could I do, besides taking long breaks from Phen (which I already do) to prevent tolerance increase or effect decrease?Akinator

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